Makeup Styles I’ve Learned from HD Makeup Academy

Last December 2013, I took the HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course at HD Makeup Academy.

Here are some of the Makeup Styles that I’ve learned from the school:

1. Day Makeup or “No Makeup Look”


2. Evening Makeup


3. Makeup for Mature Women


4. Makeup for Black and White Photography


5. Bridal Makeup


*Here’s my Bridal Makeup for my Finals


5. Avant Garde Makeup


Learning the different styles in makeup was so fun! Should you need me to elaborate the steps on how to do each style, please let me know. Thank you!!!


5 Reasons why I chose HD Makeup Studio & Academy

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had the passion for Makeup. While I was working in the corporate world, I also offered Makeup Services to clients but only during my free time. Tired of being a slave of the Financial Industry, I’ve finally decided to quit my job and pursue my dream to become a professional Makeup Artist.

Although I’ve already been doing Makeup Services to clients, I still wanted to enhance my skills by studying into a Makeup School. I’ve spent several days contemplating on which makeup school should I enroll to but I’ve decided to finally go to HD Makeup Studio & Academy.



Here are the five reasons why I’ve decided to enroll at HD Makeup Studio & Academy:

1. CHEAPEST ENROLLMENT FEE. The first thing that I had to consider in enrolling at a Makeup School is the FEE and the courses included in the package. HD Makeup Studio & Academy offers Makeup Courses which includes Beauty, Bridal, Avant Garde and even HD Makeup for only Php18,500 (Php21,500 in 2014). Other Makeup Schools offer a separate course for each category, thus, more payment.

2. WELL-TRAINED MENTORS. In order to become an excellent student, you have to learn from an excellent teacher. The mentors in HD Makeup Studio & Academy are Sir Jeave Gabiana and Ms. Christephanie Sing both studied Beauty and High Fashion Makeup at the Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood and Professional Airbrush Course from LCE School of Art and Design in Singapore.

3. ACCESSIBLE LOCATION. HD Makeup Studio & Academy is located just in front of Robinsons Galleria that’s why I didn’t have a hard time finding the school. Whether you are a commuter or you have your own car, you can easily locate the place. Parking is also not a problem, you can park inside the mall or at the parking of ADB.

4. POSITIVE FEEDBACK. It’s very easy to find reviews about HD Makeup Studio & Academy probably because a lot of students has already took up classes from them. If you’ll ask for my feedback on my experience in learning from them, I can absolutely say that I’ve learned so many things from the school.

5. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. From Inquiry up to Graduation day, the Customer Service from the people of HD Makeup Studio & Academy Customer Service has always impressed me. I believe it is the only school I’ve attended that has a runner assigned to buy the student’s lunch so that you don’t have to go down. (Basically because you have no lunch breaks, but you can absolutely eat while the mentor is lecturing) To sum it up, all of the staff and mentors from HD Makeup Studio Academy are very approachable.

I may not be in the position to say that HD Makeup Studio & Academy is the best Makeup School here in the Philippines, but let me just say that I have improved a lot as a Makeup Artist. I will admit that I had to stay late during class but not because we are required to but because my mentor never gave up in order for me to achieve the right way on how to apply makeup. I can totally say that I’ve learned from the finest. 🙂

Thank you Sir Jeave for being patient to us.

Sir JEave

 Thank you and I hope this post helped you guys! Will post pictures of my works from the class. 🙂